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A Site Update

As some of you will have noticed unfortunately posting has slowed in the past few weeks, and I just wanted to write a quick post to explain why. It's largely been down to starting a new job and moving house to a new city, so everything's been a bit hectic. I am pleased to say it's all settled down now, so I hope to resume posting at least twice a week in the very near future. I've also been occupied with some other JS related projects which are very exciting, but unfortunately I can't say anything just yet.

In other news, I;m looking for your feedback as always on what to write. Some people have told me articles are too long so I will be making an effort to do smaller, more targeted posts alongside longer ones. The list of upcoming topics includes:

  • Introduction to Spine.js
  • Creating your own NPM / Jam packages
  • Testing with Sinon.js
  • Watch Me Code Screencasts (working title)
  • Angular.js
  • Writing Node.js apps with CoffeeScript
  • Creating Chrome & Firefox extensions
  • Frisby.js

And lots more. As always I'm always looking for suggestions on what you'd like to see written so please do let me know if you have any suggestions.

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