Jack Franklin

Announcing 'Confident jQuery'

At the weekend I annouced my latest project, "Confident jQuery". It's going to be a book, self-published through Leanpub aimed at those who are confident enough using the jQuery API and its methods, but want to take that next step. From the book's about page:

Confident jQuery is for those who feel comfortable writing jQuery but want to improve their ability to structure their JavaScript better. If you have ever found yourself with messy JavaScript that is heavily tied to the structure of your HTML, or had your entire jQuery carousel refuse to start-up because you changed just one tiny class name in your HTML code, this book will help.

Through the course of this book we'll study and discuss:

###What the book isn't

This book will not look at any additional libraries. We'll just be using jQuery all the way through (with the exception of QUnit for the testing chapter). This is not a book about telling you how to use RequireJS to load in your code in a modular fashion and nor will it tell you that you should use an additional library like Backbone or Angular.

This book is also not aimed at those who have never written jQuery before. You should have a good grasp of jQuery before tackling this book.

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If this sounds interesting, please register your interest on Leanpub. It's my hope that the first "beta" version will be available in 3-4 weeks.