Jack Franklin

How to contribute to open source with Webpack

Webpack is one of the most prominent open source projects in the JavaScript and they are always looking for more people to help contribute back to the project. Speaking from personal experience, it's incredibly daunting to even think about contributing back to such a large project, but in this video we'll demonstrate that it's actually no where near as tricky as you might imagine.

I invited Webpack core team member Sean Larkin onto a Google Hangouts session as we paired on contributing to Webpack. You'll see how to:

Even if you don't want to contribute directly to Webpack, this video should help you contribute to any open source project that you're interested in.

PS: it's definitely worth making the video fullscreen or viewing on Youtube so you can see things more clearly.

You can find the pull request I opened on GitHub. Once again, huge thanks to Sean for taking the time to do the video with me. Happy contributing!