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An introduction to styled-components with Glen Maddern

CSS in JavaScript has been something I've been meaning to explore for a while now; it's also one the questions I get asked most when I talk about my experience with React.

styled-components by Glen Maddern and Max Stoiber is a library aimed at making it really easy to use CSS in React components (and also supports Preact out of the box). Rather than tackle this post alone, I invited Glen to join me to record an introduction to using styled-components.

You can also watch the video directly on YouTube if you prefer.

A huge thanks to Glen for taking the time to talk to me. His videos on Frontend Center are absolutely excellent and I highly recommend subscribing.

You can find all the code from this video on the GitHub repository; if you have any questions feel free to raise an issue there. If you have any thoughts on other videos you'd like to see, please let me know.

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