Jack Franklin

Moving to Jekyll

Yesterday I finally sat down and properly ported the site over to Jekyll, the static site generator. Before I used PyroCMS. I've nothing against Pyro, it's great, but it was a bit over kill in this instance.

You'll also notice there wasn't a single blog post in May, which is frustrating from my point of view. I will soon be able to commit more time to the JS Playground and have already started work on some up-coming tutorials:

Additionally, now that the site is hosted on Github, it means anyone can contribute through a pull request. If you have something you'd like to write, please feel free to. All posts from guests are clearly credited to them.

In moving the site over to Jekyll I took care to make sure that no URLs broke - Jekyll's slugs have been configured to exactly match those of the old site so no posts or Disqus comments should have been lost. I'm also working on tweaking the design and there's still some rough patches there. Those of you who subscribe to RSS may need to update your subscription. The new RSS feed is here.

I'm excited to have JS Playground on Jekyll, and hopefully it will reduce the friction of writing, allow you all to contribute should you wish and mark the beginning of me being able to post much more frequently.