Jack Franklin

Moving domain names to jackfranklin dot co dot uk

Back in April 2012 I registered and put the JavaScript Playground online with a first blog post about using objects in jQuery's .css() method.

Over the years I've written over 100 posts (admittedly far less than I'd like!) about a variety of topics and have been fortunate enough to have many people say very kind things about my content and how they've found it useful. I've always found that the best part of blogging and would recommend you try to tell people if you enjoy what they've written 😊.

The domain gave me a lot of opportunities that I've been very fortunate to have - I wrote a book on jQuery, became a Google Developer Expert (and very soon, an actual Googler), sold some video courses and spoke at many conferences off the back of people finding my writing. I've been so lucky to have these chances and I'm grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way.

I always had a slight plan to eventually transform JavaScript Playground into a large JavaScript hub with multiple courses, paid membership (or something similar) and more writers creating more content, but that's a vast amount of work that I simply never had time (or perhaps wanted) to do.

In the end I found it confusing that my Twitter, GitHub, YouTube and others are all named as "Jack Franklin" but the blog wasn't. By moving all the content onto jackfranklin.co.uk it's clearer who is writing the blog posts and it's easier to map me on Twitter / at a conference / on YouTube and find me on the rest of the internet.

I've set up redirects from the old blog so I'm hopeful that this move doesn't create a bunch of broken links - everything should be redirected automatically.