Jack Franklin

Node.js workshops, March, London

I've teamed up with the lovely folks at Event Handler, who run an array of events in London, to run two JavaScript workshops in March 2013 which I'm really excited about.

The first is on March 6th and is titled Modern Tooling on the Command Line. This workshop will run you through some of the powerful command line tools available to us that can really help speed up JavaScript development. We'll start with a brief introduction to the command line and then move on to trying out some of the tools, such as Yeoman, Grunt, Bower and so on.

The second is on March 27th and is titled Building Command Line tools with Node. In this workshop I want to demonstrate how you can use small tools like Node.js to piece together your own command line tools. Often I will write my own little tools to speed things up, and I think it's something more people should do. We'll build a few small tools, along with some bigger ones, and then also look at how we might publish our libraries to the Node Package Manager (npm).

To come along you'll need a Mac of some sort or a machine running Linux. I simply don't have the knowledge of Windos to be able to guarantee I can help with how to install things on Windows, unfortunately. Tickets cost £40 and are available at the above links. Both events are based at the Google Campus in London.

If you're interested but would like to clarify something or ask me questions, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.