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Meet pulldown

A good couple of months ago, I sat down with fellow JavaScripter Tom Ashworth to rewrite my JS tool pulldown. I thought it would be of interest to readers, both as a useful tool, and an example of developing relatively complex CLI tools.

Pulldown will help you quickly and easily download libraries. For example, running:

$ pulldown jquery

Will instantly download you the latest minified source of the jQuery library. We use cdnjs to search for what you looked for. It can also do versioning:

$ pulldown jquery@1.8.2

It's not supposed to be a replacement for Bower, nor is it meant to replicate the features, but it's designed to sit right in the middle. If you need a quick CLI way to download a library, this might just be of use.

It's fully documented in the Github repo and you can install it right now through npm:

$ npm install -g pulldown

If you do use it, please get in touch if you have any (good or bad) feedback. Would love to hear it.

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